Unity Consciousness put us in contact with what is the same in us.

As the egoÏc sense of self tends to separate and divide us into our differences, judgments and opinions.

Unity Consciousness bring a non-conceptual awareness that unites us in our essence of being. The perceived world out there can be seen as the world in here.

Unconditional love emanates from our True self, it is what we are and can be felt vividly when the egoïc sense of self is not in the forefront of our sense of being.

When the dropping of our conceptual self happens, what is sense is oneness and we could say that what is perceived is infinite beauty and what is felt is unconditional love for oneself and all beings. The need to protect ourselves drop as well as all is seen to be us. It can at time also be realized that the whole world is a projection of our mind.

From that space, we can question our thoughts and beliefs and free ourself (consciousness) from the limiting belief of separation.

Like all the cells in our body compose the body, we as individuals are a unique expression of the whole infinite being. We are an individual expression of the whole but we are not separate from the whole. From that point of view, we are perfect.

Resting in that space enables us to heal ourselves and heal the world. Because the world is in us, in our consciousness, healing ourself is equal as healing the world. So within, so without. The changes are immediate, can be seen in our daily life and one can be propulsed in higher vibrations of Joy, Love and Happiness as one gets to know its own True Nature as pure consciousness, pure love and joy. It is from that space that unconditionnal love arises, because it is the essence of us, it is what we are.