My mentorship services are aimed at dissolving any sense of unworthiness you may have about yourself. Which in turn, will allow abundance to flow in your life.

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Links to websites that were significant on my path to freedom.

Photographs & Drawings

Just for the joy of sharing my passion for photography and drawing.


Some writing of my own and a way to connect with me if desired.


On April 1, 2021, while reading The Greatest Secret from Rhonda Byrne, my entire life experience changed with a glimpse of our True Nature, which, if expressed in words, could be described as Truth, Love and Joy.

An expansion in consciousness suddenly allowed me to feel love and joy without any dependence with the circumstances of my life.

This realisation was the beginning of True Self Actualisation for me. Allowing myself to change my career, to realise effortless being is our natural state and to allow abundance in all forms to flow in my life,  among other things.

I now offer my services as a Mentor to support anyone ready willing and able to invest in themselves and while doing so, shift from the fear of lack to wealth consciousness.

What I ask of you when you work with me, I first asked of myself and did for myself. Any price I asked for my services, I first paid myself.

This supported my shift to Wealth Consciousness and proved to me that lack is only a belief. I live in the miraculous and the magical in wealth and abundance. I am extending the invitation to you, to realise that you are an infinite being only subject to what you hold in mind.

Julie Cloutier

Readings & Viewings

Many people share their love of our True Nature. In this section you will find links and citations from those that I find very inspiring.

Photographs & Drawings

My love for photography and arts inspires this section where I share some of my own images.



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