We are not here to be a nice person, to be polite or to be what other people or the society expect of us. We are not here to change the world either, we are here to love the world, to rejoice and to love the world as us. Not to love with conditions as our minds idea of love, but to let go of mind should’s and shouldn’t, to let go of mind ideas of what is possible and what is not possible or even of what is or what seems to be.

Once we let go of all that we think is expected of us and once we let go of all we expect from “others” and from ourself, we are free instantly, not after years of meditation or yoga practice. These activities are great and enjoyable if we like them but none of those will make us free, especially if we are doing them in the hope of finding freedom and joy, for freedom and joy is what we are. When we are searching for freedom and joy it is like the sun trying to see itself.

Freeing yourself from commonly held beliefs about who or even what we are, about what the world is and what we should do or not do, even if it relates to becoming free, is what will show up as total freedom. Seeing that we are not our thoughts can arise at some point, as consciousness expand. And then knowing we are not the person doing anything or “waking up” from thoughts could be said to be the “next step” to coming back home to what we are, an unlimited and undefined being that if expressed in words could be described as freedom and joy, itself.

Remembering that we are already home and always have been can be seen either very clearly in an instant or from what seems to be a process of unveiling the peace and happiness that is inherent to what we are. A clear seeing, followed by doubts from the mind and a process of understanding can arise as well.

Suffering could be seen as not allowing who or what we are (peace, joy, freedom) to express itself. Fear could be seen as love (us) contracted into a state of separation or a thought of separation.

I am not here to be a nice person, to be polite and to be what I could think that other people or society expect of me. I am not here to change the world either, I am just here to be myself, as you are too. If you have even just an inkling of sensing this for yourself, follow your intuition, follow the thread of joy, question your beliefs, all of them, and freedom, love and joy will be found as ever-present as what you are, you will be home and realised that you never left home. And then the world will change from the inside and reflect more peacefully on the outside.

Happy New Year, may you rest in the peace and happiness of our True Nature.