What does it mean to be ourself?

Post awakening, the most beautiful unfolding of that is to be free of all concepts, wanting, grasping, seeking, etc.

To be totally yourself without separation. Not at one as the concept of the mind would dictate. Allowing all that is to arise, even if it is your own resistance. To not resist resistance could be said to be the path towards total freedom.

Freedom to be yourself, unlimited by any ideas about how you should be, how everyone else should be and how the world is or should be.

Seeing that everything is and is not at the same time.

Free even of the concept of awakening. To meet each moment without any concept. Free to be welcoming of all, even what the mind would label as “bad” or “hard” emotions.

In that space there is just a presence to what is and even that is too many words. There is no labeling anything as an object, a person, a world, an awakening, etc.

It is a place where it is seen clearly that all concepts are limiting.

We are already that freedom but our minds overlay tons of ideas on top of this emptiness, this beautiful mystery of life.

The way to “get” there (words are limited) is to rest in your own being. The I am state, without the idea of I am this and I am that. In that “place” which is not a place or that state “which is not a state” there is lightness happiness freedom joy of being. Purity itself. Pure emptiness without the concept of emptiness.

It is transparent, thus can’t be described. It can only be pointed at.

It is what we are, thus it is impossible not to be it. Our minds build concepts about what we are, where we are going, etc. but in fact if you refer only to your own direct experience, we are just here/now. There is just that, a presence which can’t be described. From that emanates beauty, love and joy.

It is not complicated but one has to be willing to question all beliefs about reality and about themselves and others.

Just to be curious is enough, the rest can unfold effortlessly. If the belief that this is hard is believed, then hard it will be.

We are infinite, any beliefs will be experienced as reality. We are reality, there is no separation, but it is so transparent that it is missed and all that the mind conceptualized is lived as if real.

There comes a point in awakening where all labels are dropped, even that of awakening. All these words are just words pointing to that which can’t be described.

It does not have to be hard or take long. If one is drawn to this then there is no way that it is not happening.

Much love,